Full Comparison: Wald 139 vs Wald 137 Baskets

Wald 139 and 137 are not only different in size but also in function. I’ll compare both models and go over the major differences in this post so you can make an educated decision on selecting your next front basket.

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What’s in a name: Troutmoose

I consider Montana my home away from home. Even though I was not born there, it was where I grew into an adult and where my taste for outdoor adventures was honed. When I hear the word Montana, the first thing that comes to my mind are the mountains, valleys, and their golden lights. That’s why I […]

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Open for Business: Manifesto

This is just the beginning and we have more bags on the way. At Troutmoose, we believe bicycles are a true transportation alternative and we want to offer bags that make it easy for you to go to movies, buy groceries, commute to work, or get lost bikepacking – without having to take your car […]

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