What’s in a name: Troutmoose

I consider Montana my home away from home. Even though I was not born there, it was where I grew into an adult and where my taste for outdoor adventures was honed.

When I hear the word Montana, the first thing that comes to my mind are the mountains, valleys, and their golden lights. That’s why I included the mountains in the logo.

Summer Sunset in Montana
Sunset colors overlooking the Madison Valley, MT

I was fortunate enough to live in western Montana where fly fishing is a way of life. That’s where the “trout” piece came from. I was also fortunate enough to have spotted a few moose in its natural habitat – they are quite impressive animals.

All in all, life in Montana is simple, rough on the edges, but aesthetically pleasing, and that’s my inspiration to create bike bags. I apply simplistic designs that are functional yet easy on the eye – so I like to think, anyway.

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